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Stalker ATS II

The Stalker Acceleration Testing System

Laser Video/Photo Enforcement System.

The Stalker Acceleration Testing System - Next Generation Radar and Powerful New Software

The STalker Acceleration Testing System (STATS) is the combination of the incredible Stalker ATS II professional hand-held radar and the new, more powerful Stalker ATS II software. The Stalker ATS II radar gun is a portable and accurate instrument for recording acceleration and deceleration of vehicles and other moving objects. Like its predecessor - the Stalker ATS - the ATS II is a speed sensing radar. But rather than sending data just to a connected computer, the ATS II also stores the data in memory located inside the gun. Thus - unlike the ATS - the ATS II doesn’t require connection to a computer to collect its speed and acceleration data.

Why buy a Stalker Radar? The Stalker ATS II provides a detailed picture of the dynamics of acceleration. It is the ultimate tool for racers and manufacturers to test and tune products for maximum performance.
  • New, next-generation ATS II hand-held radar
  • Updated, more powerful ATS II software - Now, Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible
  • Speed and acceleration data stored in gun memory
  • The choice of major magazines and manufacturers

Product Features

The Industry Standard

The original STATS is used by nearly every major magazine and vehicle manufacturer for acceleration and braking tests. The performance measurements you see published are most likely performed with STATS. Now you can own the next generation STATS II.

Next-Generation Radar
Based on the Stalker Pro II next-generation sports radar, the ATS II is smaller and lighter than the original ATS radar. With a 1 - 890 mph speed range, it’s capable of clocking balls at up to 500 feet and automobiles up to 1 3/4 miles.

Speed and acceleration events are measured at precise intervals and stored in the gun as separate trials. The number of trials that can be stored is dependent on each trial’s length. A total of 60 minutes of readings can be stored in the ATS II.

Data Transferred to Computer
To process and analyze the speed and acceleration data, the ATS II is first connected to a computer running the Stalker STATS II software. The data is transferred and saved as a file on the computer’s hard drive. Since speed, time, distance, and acceleration (or deceleration) are mathematically related, having any two of these measurements mean the other components can be derived with absolute accuracy.

Use the ATS II Anywhere
The ATS II gun is waterproof in up to two feet of water so you can use it anywhere - on the lake or ocean, on snow, on straight roads, in your car, or in your backyard. Just position the ATS II behind (or ahead of) the test vehicle. You can even place the radar inside the test vehicle and take speed readings from the terrain. There is nothing to attach to the vehicle to change its aerodynamics or weight.

Simply connect the ATS II to your computer running STATS II and download the trial data. Software analysis is simple and automated.


  • Speed Range:
    1 - 890 MPH
    In whole digit resolution to the nearest integer;
    In tenths resolution to the nearest tenth.
  • Target Acquisition Time::
    0.01 seconds
  • Microwave System:
    Ka-Band, 15 mw nominal
  • Weight:
    2.15 pounds
  • Units of Measure:
    mph, km/h, knots, m/s
  • Warranty:
    1 year Parts and Labor
    90 days on batteries
  • Range:
    Baseball: 500 feet
    Automobiles: 1 3/4 miles
  • Money Back Guarantee:
    30 days